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International Infrastructure

Enabling international omni-channel sales

Each country has its own leading ecommerce platforms and marketplaces, each with its own set of rules regarding compliance, regulatory matters, packaging, shipping, supply chain and logistics. Connecting with the international omni-channel infrastructure of NXT eCOM provides your brand with instant access to online presence and growth.

What is the best online strategy?

Many businesses hesitate to sell online due to limited internal expertise or resources. We angle your business’s distinct advantage over competitors to make informed business decisions and go-to market systems so you succeed online.

Online Local Branding

Europe is fragmented. Your clients in Turkey don’t have the same preferences as the consumers in India. Cater to their needs by localizing your content, communication, and campaign strategies. A business can no longer isolate its reputation.


We optimize every touch point between your brand and its customers to ensure a smooth, shopping experience. If you have an offline store, find out how a website can drive foot traffic to it and collect valuable consumer data. Our experts will integrate all your channels so you can deliver a consistent brand experience to your customers anywhere, anytime.

We offer e-commerce solutions

Contact our consultants for a customized service package right for your business.

Our people provide end-to-end eCommerce services from website development, demand generation and online market place management.

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