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Webstore Development

Development and your brand guidelines

Establish a quality online experience for your customers with our brandstore development. We build your website to provide your customers with everything they need to shop from your e-business. We develop with a user-friendly CMS and the best premium tools for your webshop. Make sure every visit counts, having a satisfying client journey, exactly as they would in an offline store.

Webshop development

We build your online brand store so you have full charge of your brand’s narrative. Having your own ecommerce site is a powerful tool to control your business image, product pricing and the end-to-end user experience. Our development team builds your site with the world’s leading ecommerce software platform, WooCommerce.

Managed hosting for your webshop

We offer managed hosting solutions. You get a virtual part of our server (VPS) at your disposal that we set up and optimize for you. We take care of managing the server and take care of important matters such as security, updates, backups and optimization. So you don’t have to worry about this.

Brandstore’s maintenance

WordPress and WooCommerce are constantly developing the software to the next level. At NXT we remove the complexities of configuring the web portal servers, backup, load balancing, updating the operating systems and maintaining your brandstore.

Safety first

Unlike a physical store, your website is always open and ecommerce web stores are highly prone to hackers and phishing scams due to high traffic volumes. We protect your most valuable asset by putting the security on the forefront of your ecommerce store.

Web Design & UX

Users make the decision to stay or leave a webshop during the first ten seconds of their visit. Capture your customer’s attention from the very first glance to the last click by providing an easy to use and eye-catching experience. Make browsing through your brandstore enjoyable. Imagine walking into a store, navigating through it with ease to find and make your purchase and evernotegetting other product recommendations based on your past behavior. Easy – this is how your online store should feel like. Good user experience designs offer fluid shopping experiences and higher conversion rates.

Your website’s visuals and graphics communicate your brand identity and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Language & Content Localization

Europe is a fragmented market with different languages and country specific customer preferences therefore leading to different customer behaviors. It is vital that your business adopts a local strategy to win each market and cater to the needs of your customers.

Easy checkout

Trust is a major issue for clients so it is vital to offer your customers with familiar payment methods they are comfortable with. We gain access to leading payment gateways. We help you navigate the region’s fragmented payment landscape and match your business with the relevant partner for your target market.

We offer e-commerce solutions

Contact our consultants for a customized service package right for your business.

Our people provide end-to-end eCommerce services from website development, demand generation and online market place management.

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