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Market Place & Brand Store Operations

Brandstore experience

We optimize every touch point between your brand and its customers to ensure a smooth omnichannel experience. Every client will undergo a thorough on-site audit by our brand commerce team to ensure quality of web layout, check-out process and product images are up to standard.

Online marketplaces

We work with well known marketplaces such as Bol.com, Amazon NL, DE and Amazon India. Over 80% of NXT clients in Europe have an official brand store on Amazon.

With our channel management platform and unique virtual bundling capabilities on a third party website, our team is able to successfully manage your business across different marketplaces while maintaining brand integrity.

Transparency is important to us. Track your inventory and customer relations with a detailed monthly report on orders, data and customer reviews to improve sales, and gain insight into channel performance.

Promotion & social campaigns

Offer your customers the best deals through customized promotional packages.

Our business intelligence team ensures all promotional campaigns are optimized through monthly data reporting that includes price movements and merchandising trends so your company gains real-time insight for a competitive edge when it comes to what your customers really want.

We understand the importance of brand spotlight, which is why we coordinate with marketplaces to ensure your promotions and campaigns are featured prominently on the website.

Content Management

All content is produced to follow marketplace specific guidelines such as product positioning, product view and image quality criteria. This also extends to product description and SEO-optimized copywriting for websites so your items show up first on the most popular marketplaces.

Order management system & Stock management

Our professionals allocate inventory accordingly and balance product stock on multiple channels so you can accurately match your supply with demand without losing money on mark-downs.

We ensure your business avoids excess inventory by implementing both offline and online strategies with our partners to drive sales. Organized and evenly distributed stock with the right pricing strategy means never disappointing a customer.

Assortment management

We are a service provider that offers bundling capabilities for brands. Let your customers buy more of their favourite products by grouping them together to sell online and benefit your business average order value (AOV).

  • Bulk strategy: multi-pack product assortment
  • Bundle strategy: multi-pack of cross category assortment, for example, face and body products

We offer e-commerce solutions

Contact our consultants for a customized service package right for your business.

Our people provide end-to-end eCommerce services from website development, demand generation and online market place management.

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