Case Story – Max & Alex Cookies

Expanding the online reach of the Dutch Stroopwafel

National pride surged when Biscuit International entrusted NXT with the task of expanding the global online presence of the iconic Dutch national cookie – “The Stroopwafel.”

Sales & Marketing

Partner Biscuit International
Brand Max & Alex Cookies
Busines Unit Consumer Goods
Business Line FMCG Food
Services Webstore Development, Brand-Store Operations, Marketplace Management, Marketing & Sales, Warehousing & Fulfillment, Shipping & Delivery, Customer Service Solutions
Markets Europe, Turkey, India, U.S.A

Biscuit International

Stroopwafel & Co is the leading Dutch exporter of the Dutch syrup waffle (stroopwafel) and is part of Biscuit International.

Webshop Max & Alex Cookies

Creating online brand presence and product availability through brand stores.

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Partner feedback

Teaming up with NXT eCOM brings on board a comprehensive partner that acts as the catalyst for expanding the online presence of Max & Alex Stroopwafels in the global digital landscape. The greater the online connection with the “king” (stroopwafel) of Dutch cookies, the more favorable it becomes for global stroopwafel sales and, ultimately, for the success of Biscuit International. We are confident that, together with NXT eCOM, we can turn this vision into reality.

Oscar Bongaards, Founder of Stroopwafel & CO and Global Sales & Export Director, Biscuit International